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Sharing the many ways Beyond the Stage gets you seen and heard by your ideal audience. Exposure through podcast , radio, TV, magazines and newspaper. The importance of exposure and how it impacts your credibility with the audience. We also talk about the importance of marketing through the power of words, the importance of making your lane of expertise be filled with value that fulfills the needs of your ideal client so they choose you over your competition. Stay ahead of the norm, be the first to use technology like AI and Virtual Reality to be the leader in your lane of expertise by advancing into unchartered territory increasing results and ROI. Build community and support through affiliate and collaboration.



Step into the spotlight with Beyond the Stage Podcast, where expertise meets exploration, and solutions are just a conversation away. Designed to ignite curiosity and empower action, our platform invites you to delve into the realms of health and wellness, relationships, and finances alongside leading authorities in their respective fields.

Picture this: You’re seeking to amplify your financial portfolio. From seasoned investors unveiling the secrets of maximizing returns to mavens of affiliate marketing and captivating keynote speakers, our lineup of experts offers diverse perspectives to elevate your financial prowess.

But Beyond the Stage Podcast isn’t just about showcasing knowledge—it’s about fostering connection. If you’re a speaker ready to share your insights and inspire our global audience, we extend an invitation to join us on this enlightening journey.

And to our cherished listeners, your voice matters. What burning topics ignite your curiosity? Who are the thought leaders you’re eager to learn from? Reach out, engage with us, and watch as your suggestions materialize into captivating episodes, featuring the voices that resonate with you.

Beyond the Stage Podcast isn’t just a destination; it’s a dynamic ecosystem where education meets empowerment, and every conversation sparks possibility. Join us as we redefine the boundaries of knowledge and chart a course toward a brighter, more informed future.

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This is one of the most amazing podcasts and clients we have worked on. We think this will be one of our signature podcast shows on eZWay TV and eZWay Podcast for sure!

Anne King

The Sky's The Limit

I just caught the Beyond The Stage Podcast and it was fabulous! Having recently been exposed to virtual reality, the possibilities are endless and the technology is amazing! I look forward to following Beverly and Nicole on this new adventure.

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Beyond The Stage
2024-04-08 02:04:49

New episode of Beyond The Stage Podcast EP 3 is now released! Please look to the top of our ezway podcast profile and click the play button. Please rate us 5 stars below this profile page if you enjoy the show. Don't forget to subscribe above if you haven't yet! If you have thank you for the support! 

Beyond The Stage
2024-03-22 19:55:55

Next up on Beyond The Stage our featured guest is James Feldman 


With a focus on Customer Engagement, Performance Management, and Innovative Problem Solving, James delivers customized and tailored solutions to meet your unique needs. James shares insights gleaned from decades of working with every size and type of organization while building his own sales promotion agency.

James recognizes the significance of staying ahead of the curve. His vast knowledge and innovative strategies help organizations navigate complex challenges and seize new opportunities. James’ comprehensive services include, but not limited to, customer engagement strategies, performance management solutions, and creative problem-solving techniques. JFA’s clients benefit from expertise in devising transformative strategies that lead to remarkable outcomes.

James adopts a client-centric approach, collaborating closely with organizations to create customized strategies that align with their goals and foster sustainable growth. He has proven methodologies and extensive industry insights that deliver transformative results propelling organizations forward.

Whether you require enhancements in customer experiences, performance optimization, executive leadership coaching, intricate business problem-solving, or assistance fostering Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the positioning of ChatGPT as a tool for innovation, James has the expertise to guide clients through every step.


It about NOW..not later. Today success is predicated on the ability to create Meaningful Memories for your customers with a team that thinks like owners. Experience James latest presentation, “Catching A Catfish: Hook, Line and Stinker,” which delves into the realm of romance dating scams, providing invaluable insights and strategies to protect yourself and your organization.

His guiding principles can be applied to almost any situation. Attendees laugh, learn, and hear their own AHAs as he explains what they can leverage for their own shift.  They leave with actionable, implementable insights that can impact their lives NOW.

James listens to your needs and creates a completely customized unforgettable experience. His clients started calling him The Bright Idea Guy because he is THE NOWIST.

So how did this guy become one of the most sought after problem solvers?  A little history? 

Transformational Keynote Speaker James Feldman, CSP started his first entrepreneur venture in high school where he became the photographer for the local newspapers. He found a market for his photography skills by making 35mm slide presentations.

Learning from other speakers he crafted his presentation skills when he started to make formal presentations about how to distinguish between rewards and recognition. Soon James provided his recognition rewards and presentation skills to McDonald’s, General Tire, Aston-Tate, Microsoft, Neutrogena, Marriott, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Hyatt, Redkin Vidal Sassoon, Disney, and others.

His company James Feldman Associates, Inc. serviced Toyota, Wrigley, Greyhound, Knudsen, Nissan, Ford, Frito-Lay, McDonald’s, California Lottery, Vidal Sassoon, Volkswagen, Red Lobster, and consolidations such as Beatrice, Hewlett-Packard, AT&T, etc.

He was a pioneer in the creation of loyalty programs that offered more experiential elements so that redemption choices included individual incentive travel as well as branded merchandise. Individual travel became a half-billion-dollar distribution channel. James is considered the advisor and creator of individual incentive travel certificates for Hyatt, Marriott, Sheraton, United, American, and more.

James realized that ‘speaking’ to the needs and aspirations of his clients’ customers and employees required education. His message of ‘One Size Does Not Fit All’ has become a classic phrase that represents the needs for better-designed programs and more targeted rewards. To create a buzz Jim started to make formal presentations to trade shows and clients.

He was then approached by a local hotel to help with AV, become the keynote speaker and MC. Jim seized this opportunity and started a meeting planning/event business. His clients included Tupperware, MaryKay, Creative Memories, Toyota, DK Family Learning,  Redkin, Apple.

Today James is a sought after transformational speaker that identifies what can be done NOW to impact future trends. He helps guide his clients on the Journey To Bright Ideas™.

Connect with James Feldman on eZWay Network 

Beyond The Stage
2024-03-07 15:29:38
Beyond The Stage want you! With the advancement in technology stages come in all forms, sizes and shapes.  The end game is vast exposure to be seen around the world. Your voice gets heard and travels around the globe igniting listeners with the powerful, impactful and applicable message you deliver resulting in building more confidence, building trust and belief in the self, giving hope and reassurance that "you are enough. As the expert in your field, credibility builds, testimonials of results come in, the value delivered increases and compensation shows up in your bank account. Beyond The Stage is starting a Revolution. We are leading the way to more stages, more exposure, more solutions building immersive  platforms that connect the world in an elegant efficient easy to use result driven fun adventure inside the amazing world of the avatar. If this is YOU... email: or call and leave a message: 702-527-3191

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