About us

The Story Behind

eZWay Radio is a online broadcast and distribution station that airs podcast shows, indie music, news shows, influencer, educational and, business related content. Our holding company eZWay Broadcasting, Inc has been in business for 16 years.
The station is powered by Blog Talk Radio and is distributed by IHeart, Amazon Music, Audible, Spotify, PlayerFM, Spreaker,

ROKU, APPLE TV, AMAZON FIRE, and more. eZWay Radio is a branch of eZWay Network and is synced with our eZWay Wall of Fame housing 3000 + members with 500,000 visitors per month. Our streaming TV Network reach is 300,000,000 homes and mobile phones. Some of our affiliates and partners include Zondratv.com Fantv.tv, CDAEM

Mission Statement

eZWay Networks radio podcast divisions mission is to help unite the light and give light bringers a platform to accelerate their message to a larger audience by helping to create and produce new podcast shows and interview talents and influencers with a message that deserves to be told.

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