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This dynamic 40-minute video overview is essential as it unveils Accelerated Automated Excellence (AEA) Training and Implementation—a transformative program tailored for ezWay community members and exclusive invitees from TheBusinessGoddessWorkingEntrepreneursTheezWay Network. Led by CRM expert Carlos Ruiz, this podcast delivers actionable insights for transitioning from manual to automated marketing campaigns. Learn how to seamlessly integrate core business practices, harness divine connections, and leverage cutting-edge automation techniques to skyrocket marketing efforts on autopilot. Join us to revolutionize your marketing workflows and achieve unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness!

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Our ezWay Members become active participants by, Working Entrepreneurs (WE) and TheBusinessGoddess Network(s) the ezWay to elevate their marketing strategy on auto-pilot by seamlessly integrating the integrity of your core business practices and day to day work flow to then focus on divine connections and cutting-edge automation techniques.
Led by Digital Creator and funnel CRM expert, Carlos Ruiz, known for his expertise in CRM funnel hacking and training, participants will learn how to transform manual marketing campaigns into automated systems.

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